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Vermont Sleep Sounds & Music

High-definition, immersive audio to help you relax and sleep easy.

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About the App

Vermont Sleep Sounds & Music features original recordings of music, nature and white noise sounds, meticulously hand-crafted for quality and effectiveness on mobile devices. The app is the first of it’s kind to include support for Dolby Atmos, a new feature on iPhones and iPads which takes advantage of multiple speaker arrays to present a richer, more immersive audio experience.

Vermont Sleep Sounds & Music is also unique in that many of the sounds offer variable options to allow user to customize their own sleep soundscape. For example, fans sounds all have various speed settings and the rain sounds are offered as with or without thunder. A mixer page allows users to blend sounds and set custom audio levels, and the sleep timer features a slow, gentle fade.

Pricing And Availability

Vermont Sleep Sounds & Music is available as a free download where users can try out a few sounds, explore the customizable options, and even audition Apple’s new Dolby Atmos feature. The app is unique among it’s competitors in that it eschews the growing trend of an app subscription business model. With Vermont Sleep Sounds & Music, a single in-app purchase unlocks all available and future sounds.

Vermont Sleep Sounds & Music is available for iPhone and iPad as a free download on the Apple App Store beginning May 15, 2020.

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About the Developer

Vermont Sleep Sounds & Music was created by Jeff Perrin, an audio engineer and musician who knows first-hand about sleep loss and insomnia, having spent his entire adult life learning to cope with the sleep depriving effects of tinnitus and anxiety.

To create the best possible sounds for relaxing, Perrin spent over a year recording and producing the various music, white noise, and ambient nature tracks found within the app, using high-quality microphones and recording equipment. “I didn’t want to simply download foley tracks from online sound libraries, as I found many library tracks to be of either low quality, or designed more as background ambience for movie and TV soundtracks. Instead, I wanted to record fresh, authentic sounds produced to sound great over whichever device you have in your bedroom, be it a bluetooth speaker, a HomePod, or just your iPhone speakers.”

White noise and nature sounds were captured from various locations of Perrin’s home state of Vermont, and the music was composed and performed by Perrin himself. “One of my early sleep aids consisted of falling asleep to CDs of renowned classical guitarist Andre Segovia. However, one of the drawbacks of classical music is the more dynamic tracks tend to rouse you just as you’re falling asleep. With the music in Vermont Sleep Sounds & Music, I wanted to create a sonic blanket of calm and relaxation, inspired by the soft, soothing tones of the nylon strings found on classical guitars.”

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